'To commemorate 50 years since the untimely death of Jimi Hendrix we’ve worked with Liverpool based artist Molly Pilkington to create an original Hendrix inspired artwork.'
I shared with them my thoughts on the project when asked to discuss my approach to the work- 
'As an illustrator, my practice focuses on the small details that are often overlooked. I find that I naturally gravitate towards producing work inspired by archives and subjects that celebrate parts of our history. Producing a design inspired by Jimi Hendrix was the ideal project to do this and allowed me to celebrate a musician who’s still so prevalent in today’s music. The song Voodoo Child and the imagery it creates really influenced my choice in presenting the image of Hendrix in a Tarot Card style. Imagery and colours of nature along with the vibrant colours often involved in Hendrix’s performances were at the forefront of my design.'
Working alongside ethical fashion company Rapanui to create a range of products which use the artwork as their central design. The company is strongly committed to sustainable fashion and has ethical practices at the root of their products. 
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